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How we Became the World's Largest Angel-Funded Startup

on Friday, 15 May 2015. Posted in News

How Angie Communications became the world’s largest angel-funded startup

I have been in business since 1988, joining my father and a brother in their business. I couldn’t stand being an unpaid servant to them without any potential real reward on the horizon, so I left. A few months later, in 1989, at age 19, I borrowed the equivalent of US$30,000 from my foster dad to buy my own small eatery. This man is in many ways an angel to me (a story for another time, maybe). I am not sure whether there was a term for such a lender back in those days, but now I like to refer to him as my first angel investor. I also got another investor who loaned me around $7,500, but that was a business deal.

Fast forward to 2015, in my 26 years of business I have raised a huge amount from angels. I think I have dealt with around 200 angels, ranging from investments of a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dolllars.  


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