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Angie Communications Announces Investment Agreement totaling €150 million

Angie has signed an agreement with Real Estate magnate Dr. Vishna Kanhai

Maarsbergen, Netherlands – June 17, 2016 – Angie Communications International B.V. has recently entered an investment agreement with Dr. Vishna Kanhai as lead investor for an undisclosed amount. The intent of the agreement is that Dr. Kanhai's group will furthermore arrange an investment totaling €150 million from international investors. These funds will be sufficient for Angie to finance the launch of its Wireless Extreme service in several large markets simultaneously. 

About Angie

Angie was founded by an international team of highly qualified technology professionals. Angie’s team includes renowned visionaries and industry pioneers who have helped shape the 4G mobile, 5G wireless and Fiber-To-The Premises industries. Angie’s founding team has a combined 500+ years of experience in business; its executive team consists of industry pioneers and experts with a combined 300 years of telecom experience.  

For more information about Angie’s Wireless Extreme service, please visit www.angiewireless.com. For more information about Angie’s worldwide projects, please visit www.ang.ie/vdr

About Dr. Vishna Kanhai

Dr. Kanhai has large Real Estate holdings and diverse investments in Europe and the USA. Dr. Kanhai is also known as the inventor of the vaccin for meningitis. 


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