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Angie Communications Announces Fiber Agreement with California Utility

Angie will utilize 5,000 miles of the utility’s fiber and communications infrastructure, including 500,000+ streetlights, for the backhaul and servicing of its ubiquitous Gigabit wireless Internet network in California, starting in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 28, 2016 – Angie Communications USA, Inc., a new entrant to the telecoms market and part of the world's largest telecoms startup, today announced that the company has entered into a Master Services Agreement with Edison Carrier Solutions, the telecom business unit of Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, to utilize their infrastructure for the backhaul and servicing of Angie’s upcoming ubiquitous wireless Internet networks in California.

In coming months, Angie will roll out cutting-edge 5G-ready telecommunications networks in USA cities and neighborhoods, delivering Gigabit connectivity directly to end users under its Wireless Extreme brand. 

Angie will initially roll out its Wireless Extreme network in Los Angeles and New York City (USA), simultaneously. The company is part of Angie Communications International, which is building the world's only multi-nation next-generation communications infrastructure, anchored on optical fiber infrastructure that the firm either directly owns or leases from -or builds in cooperation with- some of the world's largest fiber network operators. In aggregate, Angie will connect its Wireless Gigabit users to multi-(ten) terabit pipes.

SCE has one of the largest competitive carrier fiber-optic networks in Southern California, including an infrastructure portfolio that includes  electric transmission towers, existing real property and streetlights. Angie’s outdoor wireless infrastructure will include the latest carrier-class Wi-Fi technology. In each neighborhood, wireless access points will be directly connected to Angie’s fiber optic network, strengthened by many street level access points. Industry experts are well aware that the 5G promise cannot be fulfilled without such an ultra-dense wireless infrastructure, which needs to be fiber-fed. Only fiber backhaul (with multiple terabits per second connectivity) can handle the upcoming exponential growth of mobile and wireless data usage. Angie’s wireless network is beyond 5G-ready; due to the connection on Angie’s virtually unlimited fiber capacity, its network is 5G-primed - intelligent, connected, wired and wireless.

Angie brings fiber to thousands of buildings and sites in its markets, fully equipped with the most advanced wired and wireless technologies. As a result, Gigabit wireless speeds per user will become available. Parallel to its Gigabit Wireless Extreme service, Angie will also start providing 10 Gbps speeds to businesses at very competitive rates, soon followed by residential services at 10 Gbps per connection.

Angie will officially launch its unique Extreme Pioneers risk-free subscription scheme tomorrow, June 29 2016. 

About Angie Communications 

Angie was founded by an international team of highly qualified technology professionals. Angie’s team includes renowned visionaries and industry pioneers who have helped shape the 4G mobile, 5G wireless and Fiber-To-The Premises industries. Angie’s founding team has a combined 500+ years of experience in business; its executive team consists of industry pioneers and experts with a combined 300 years of telecom experience.  

For more information about Angie’s Gigabit Wireless Extreme projects, please visit www.angiewireless.com or for an Wireless Extreme explainer video by legendary NBA Hall of Famer, Rick Barry, click here.  

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