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Slough (UK) to Become World’s First Fully Functional Wireless Gigabit and Smart City

World’s largest telecom start-up, Angie Communications, puts the Gigabit and Smart City industry in high gear with its “ultra-intelligent city” proposition for Slough. 

For the official Press Release, click here. 

  • - Angie is building proprietary large scale next-generation fibre-fed wireless networks to make “Virtual Fibre To The Home” Gigabit wireless connectivity and Smart City solutions a reality in Slough.
  • - Angie brings ubiquitous and seamless wireless Gigabit connectivity directly to end users under its Wireless Extreme brand.
  • Slough residents will pay just £30 per month for a wireless Gigabit connection that they can use all across Slough.
  • - Angie, the Borough of Slough and approved third parties will be able to offer solutions on the Smart City network.

Slough, UK – July 6, 2016 – Angie Networks Limited, an ambitious entrant to the UK telecoms market and part of Angie Communications International, the world's largest telecoms start-up, today announced that it recently signed an agreement with Slough Borough Council CEO, Ruth Bagley, to make Slough the first fully functional Wireless Gigabit and Smart City in the world, bringing fibre-fed wireless connectivity and Smart City solutions to Slough residents and businesses. 

Angie Communications is pushing full steam ahead with its worldwide Wireless Gigabit and Smart City infrastructure deployments. Whilst Angie Networks is in talks with several city councils in the UK, Bob Snowden, CEO UK, recently signed an agreement with Slough council to build Angie’s deep fibre and ubiquitous wireless infrastructure that puts it ahead of any other mobile and wireless operator in the world. 

“Angie is working closely with Slough to bring cutting edge technology to Slough and its surrounding area. Slough is strategically placed as a leading business hub here in the UK,” says Snowden, “We are working with Slough and partners to bring the latest smart city technology to the area. Angie will finance the entire project, ensuring that Slough will have all the benefits and none of the financial or operational risks. Slough got the best deal possible for its residents and businesses.” 

Angie has already signed up Colt and Zayo, two of the largest fibre and communications operators in the United Kingdom, to build fibre infrastructure deeper into all Slough neighbourhoods off their existing infrastructure. The last hundred feet and into homes and business will be done through wireless technology. This ultra-densification of fibre and wireless in the entire city will result in unique fibre-fed wireless Gigabit services in and around homes and businesses. Slough will be the first area in the UK to benefit from this kind of next-generation communications infrastructure. Once installed, these so-called 5G-primed fibre-fed networks will revolutionise the way people go about their business. 

“We will bring fibre to locations in Slough where it would have been uneconomical or expensive for the council; it is part of our commitment to the people of Slough. This way, everybody wins: residents, businesses, Slough Borough council, and Angie and its partners,” said Neal Lachman, Group CEO of Angie Communications International, “With the likes of Zayo and Colt and several others already or coming on board as partners, we plan to emulate the Slough models, principles and modus operandi worldwide.”

Angie will put a heavy emphasis on making Slough truly ready for more efficient city-to-community communications and operations. The company invests in unique know-how, partnerships and capital to make Slough not only smart but even ultra-intelligent.

Angie’s Ultra-Intelligent Cities will instantly become exponentially efficient in terms of operations as well as save lots of money on a daily basis. Angie and select partners will develop, build, maintain and operate all infrastructure and communications means for the smart solutions, from end to end.

Some expected Ultra-Intelligent City benefits for Slough residents:

-       Real time city public transport information

-       Real time traffic Information: accidents, diversions, traffic jams, etc.

-       Real time parking capacity information from across the city

-       Real time pollution and air quality information

-       Real time environmental information

-       Real time public security information

-       Real time assets maintenance information

Assisted Living

-       Remote health monitoring

-       Out-patients' vital sign monitoring

Remote Care and Assistance

-       Elderly care

-       Mental care monitoring and assistance

Home Automation

-       Remote monitoring and management

-       Energy management

-       Remote security monitoring: home, children, nursery 

Some benefits for businesses in Slough



Opportunity for Businesses

Intelligent Energy

- Efficient energy usage
- Reduction in Energy Consumption

Smart Home and Smart Building energy management systems

Intelligent Lighting

Efficient use of electricity
and electricity grid monitoring

Smart Street Lighting solution, Remote Meter Monitoring

Intelligent Transport

Efficient and live monitoring and management of buses and fleet logistics

Fleet tracking and management solutions, GPS systems, live video feeds

Assisted Living

- Health monitoring and influences
- Reduce pressure on NHS

- Remote health monitoring solutions
- Remote care and living monitoring for the elderly and less-abled.

Intelligent Refuse

- Efficient refuse collection
- Refuse collection as required

Smart bins, Smart rubbish receptacles, Smart rubbish recycling technology

Intelligent Water

River and drain level monitoring

Flood monitoring solutions, river management systems

Intelligent City Pulse

- E-Government, City services monitoring
- Virtual communities, special interest groups, shopping, entertainment, eating out

Remote maintenance services, social interest solutions, entertainment, shopping and restaurant feeds, etc.


“Everything about Angie’s Ultra-Intelligent Cities and Wireless Extreme network is unique. With Angie appearing on the scene, a new era in the world of electronic communications has dawned,” said Bob Chatta, COO Europe, “The “follow me” network is now becoming a reality, we promise you unrestricted and unlimited Gigabit wireless access anytime, anywhere, anyhow – in all our rolled out markets. The Smart solutions will soon become a must-have service that residents and businesses will love to use and share, making life easier and fun, and their work or professional life more efficient and productive."

Angie’s next-generation communications infrastructure will include the latest wireless technologies, including carrier-class Wi-Fi technology, to deliver services on customers’ current devices. As such, customers don’t need to invest in special equipment or devices for the basic services. In each neighbourhood, outdoor wireless access points will be directly connected to Angie’s fibre optic network, strengthened by many street level access points. Industry experts are well aware that future data demand cannot be satisfied without such an ultra-dense wireless infrastructure, which will have fibre connectivity as close to the wireless and mobile user as possible. Only fibre backhaul (with multiple terabits per second connectivity) can handle the upcoming exponential growth of mobile and wireless data usage. Angie’s wireless network is built as beyond 5G-ready; due to the connection on Angie’s virtually unlimited fibre capacity which reaches into all neighbourhoods, its network is 5G-primed - intelligent, connected, wired and wireless.

You can watch the Wireless Extreme explainer video about Wireless Extreme, featuring Rick Barry (NBA Hall of Fame legend) here.

About Angie Communications 

Angie is building the world's only multi-nation next-generation communications infrastructure, anchored on optical fibre, which the company either directly owns or leases from - or builds in cooperation with - some of the world's largest fibre network operators.

Angie was founded by an international team of highly qualified technology professionals. Angie’s team includes renowned visionaries and industry pioneers who have helped shape the 4G mobile, 5G wireless and Fibre-To-The Premises industries. Angie’s founding team has a combined 500+ years of experience in business; its executive team consists of industry pioneers and experts with a combined 300 years of telecom experience.  

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- For more information about Angie’s Gigabit Wireless Extreme services in the UK: www.angiewireless.co.uk.  

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About the Borough of Slough

For more information about Slough, please visit http://www.sloughmeansbusiness.co.uk/

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