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4G to 5G

UPDATE JULY 1, 2016: Angie recently announced its revolutionary Gigabit Wireless Extreme projects. please click here for the announcement, or visit www.angiewireless.com (USA), www.angiewireless.co.uk (UK) and www.angiewireless.nl (Netherlands).   



Angie’s vision and unique strategy for 5G mobile/wireless services, beyond 4G

With Angie's upcoming 5G wireless service we denote the fifth generation of Wi-Fi connectivity, in terms of outdoor seamless connectivity, but also other technologies (such as Free-Space-Optics FSO), and the upcoming mobility in the millimeter wavelength (mmWave) spectrum. Angie is a major contributor to international policy consultations in this regard. See, for example, Angie’s response to the USA FCC’s Notice of Inquiry in the matter of spectrum above 24 GHz, and our response to UK Ofcom’s Call for Input on Spectrum above 6 GHz for future mobile services.

Existing operators still have to earn back their investments in their 4G rollouts, which prevents them to prioritize 5G mobility (despite the PR surrounding their amazing trials and tests). On the other hand, as soon as mobility will be allowed in mmWave spectrum, Angie can immediately focus on 5G rollouts. Through its consultation and a teleconference Angie has officially notified Ofcom that it will join the auction of 2.3 GHz and 3.4 GHz frequency in 2016

Angie is setting itself up to gain and retain a superior position in terms of future wireless and mobile access.

Angie will roll out cutting-edge 5G-ready telecommunications networks in cities and neighbourhoods. This outdoor wireless infrastructure will consist of the latest carrier-class Wi-Fi technology, where each and every access point will be connected to Angie’s proprietary fiber optic network. Industry experts are well aware that the 5G promise cannot be fulfilled without an ultra-dense small cell infrastructure, which also has to be fiber-fed. Only fiber backhaul can handle the exponential growth of mobile and wireless data usage. Angie’s wireless network is beyond 5G-ready; due to the connection on Angie’s virtually unlimited fiber capacity, our network is 5G-primed - intelligent, connected, wired and wireless.

Angie’s 5G-primed wireless network will also serve for its R&D partners as accessible research- and commercial testbed environments to trial novel solutions and emerging application areas. This will allow Angie and its R&D partners to assess associated population and societal behaviours. The city will be our Live Lab.

The full promise of 5G will not be fulfilled if the backhaul isn’t “fiber-fed”, which brings us to Angie’s nationwide footprint of new fiber infrastructure 

UPDATE JULY 1, 2016: Angie recently announced its revolutionary Gigabit Wireless Extreme projects. please click here for the announcement, or visit www.angiewireless.com (USA), www.angiewireless.co.ukand www.angiewireless.nl/ (Netherlands).    

For extensive documentation on Angie's project, please visit our Data Room.


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