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Invitation to Tender


UPDATE JULY 1, 2016. Our tender process has come to an end. Angie will now finalize terms with current bidders and is no longer extending the bid period. For progress of Angie's international projects, you can visit our news section.   


Published: April 19, 2016 - Updated May 12, 2016 

For: This PQQ & ITT is meant primarily for vendors and suppliers, not for cities. We have a separate RFI process for UK and USA cities that are interested in working with Angie. Since Angie requires the PQQ and ITT, there will be no RFI for vendors and suppliers. 

Customer Organization: Angie Communications International B.V.

Project locations: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, USA; bids can be made for (parts of) one, two or all three projects. 

Due date: July 1, 2016

Project Documents: 

- REQUIRED BY MAY 27 - PRIOR TO STARTING THE ITT: Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PDF version [view] - MS Word version [will initiate download])

- Invitation to Tender (PDF version [view] - MS Word version [download])

- For supporting documents (Exec Summary, Q&A etc.) and other information, please visit www.ang.ie/vdr 

Please do not contact us for introduction purposes. Instead, use this form to communicate with us. 

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