DV2 is a technology driven project looking at the tension between textiles, movement and data. It explores how we can use textiles to track and communicate movement of a wearer, applicable to both sports analytics as well as film motion capture.

This project explores the meaning behind the data we have in and around our body; the way we move, grow and live. Motion tracking software has been used to visualise movement and interaction, informing the development of a series of textiles based prints. These prints utilise specialist inks such as heat sensitive and metallic mediums to communicate movement within the design.

Smart materials have also been used to develop soft circuit sensors to monitor movement. Code has been created to combine the textile and digital interfaces, making a clear link between the two. By focusing on the power of the textiles in this way, this project strives to create a new function for what we wear.
A research based film which explores the topics of Data. All visuals and work are taken from the R&D process of this project. 
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